11 November 2016

10 Kitchen Terms That Will Have You Going PRO

If you're a fan of cooking or food like Lentswe Bhengu of BET's Africa On A Plate is, then you can relate to catching a few gourmet phrases that make you wonder if your chef glossary is up to scratch. We've rounded up some phrases that we're pretty sure that you've heard before but didn't pay much attention to, or maybe you've seen the words come to life but didn't know how to reference them.

Affriander: French term for a stylish and decadent presentation of a dish

Bard: To wrap fat around lean cut meat to keep it moist

Flamber: A French term for pouring a flammable spirit over food and igniting it

Roux: A combination of flour and butter used to thicken sauces or soups

Venue: To assemble confections or pastry in a pastry or truffle dish

Al Dente: Italian phrase meaning to-the-tooth. Food that isn't cooked to the point where it's well done, this is done to maintain the crisp of the food

Caramelise: To heat sugar until it liquefies until it's either gold/brown, giving food a sweet flavor and golden glaze.

Truss: To sauce poultry/game meat with a string/ a pin/ skewers to maintain its compact shape whilst cooking making it easier to baste

Bake-Blind: A baking technique in which a pie/tart shell is cooked prior to filling it (this is used to prevent the shell from producing a soggy crust)

Confit: An ancient technique of cooking and storing meat/poultry in its own fat

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