04 April 2017

AKA lights up the nation on #BlackMonday

AKA and L-Tido got people forgetting about #BlackMonday with new hit "Thixo"

Rapper AKA, Kiernan Forbes, says South Africa needs good music more than ever in these confusing times and he will continue to provide just that.

While most people are up in arms debating about #BlackMonday, L-Tido (Thato Madonsela) just dropped a massive hit  called "Thixo" with AKA and Yanga,  produced by Gemini Major.

Speaking to BET Africa on Monday, AKA said that #BlackMonday is flop and South Africans needs to be woke on what is truly going on in the country.

"This BlackMonday is a big flop and I tweeted last week and about how the media is used to perpetuate propaganda," he said.

"We need change in this country and we know which people are on the way of that happening. We need to stand together and not forget where we came from as a nation.
Economic freedom is needed and in order for us to achieve that change must take place," AKA told BET Africa.

"I'm in great space this year musically and in my personal life and I guess it translates to my music. What I'm doing is just painting a picture with my music. And with all that is happening around us, there is a need for good music to jam to," he told BET Africa.

AKA said his fans should expect two albums from him this year, one a joint album with Anatii (Anathi Mnyango) and his own.

"I'm working with Anatti on an album called "Be Careful What You Wish For" which will be released in two to three months we are only left with three songs. And my one will be released towards the end of the year," AKA said.

AKA has been dropping hits such as "10 Fingers", "The World Is Yours", "Caiphus Song" and now he got Twitter on overdrive with his verse on "Thixo".

Thulile Gama