06 May 2016

AKA’s ‘Levels’ goes Platinum

Rapper AKA’s second album ‘Levels’ has been certified platinum and the rapper says he feels blessed by the achievement. AKA took to social media to share the good news with his fans.
Speaking to BET Online about his album going platinum, AKA says the album took three years to put together and it is now showing that hard work does pay off. “I feel very blessed and I would like to thank my fans for the support they’ve shown me over the years,” AKA said.
AKA’s album has not only gone platinum but also made history as the first English hip hop album to reach such a status in South Africa. “I don’t know what to say hey… We just made history. I am the first English rapper to go platinum in our country,” he told BET.
The ‘All Eyes On Me’ rapper went on to thank all the people that collaborated with him in making the album and the producers and everyone single person that worked towards the success of ‘Levels’. AKA says what makes him super proud of this album reaching platinum is that they never gave out any free copies or having brands buying the copies for their promotion.
“No brands bought in, we sold each copy to reach 40 000 and that is why it took long but I’m proud because we never took any short cuts,” AKA says.
‘Levels’ was certified gold on the 17 of June 2015, selling over 20 000 copies almost 11 months after its release. Three singles in the album, ‘All Eyes On Me’, ‘Congratulate’ and ‘Run Jozi’ were also certified gold.
Story By: Thulile Gama