18 May 2016

AKA’s love for SA won’t allow him to be silent

Rapper AKA says his love for South Africa will not allow him to keep quiet about the ongoing burning of public facilities. Sharing his views on the recent burning of the University of Johannesburg’s auditorium, 24-hour study labs and E-labs on Monday morning the rapper said such incidents are heartbreaking. Taking to social media AKA said the people of South Africa should wake up and look deeper into such situations because he does not believe that students could burn their own auditorium.
“Please South Africa…Stay woke. Niggas is up to something. Students burning down their own auditorium?!?! It does not make sense!!! Politics burnt that auditorium down. Stay woke,” AKA tweeted. One tweep tried to shut him down but AKA then dutifully replied:
The rapper was attacked for his involvement in politics some saying he does not relate to the student’s struggles since he attended private schools. The Composure rapper then said that the public should stop applauding ignorance from musicians when it comes to politics.
The rapper said he will continue to use his platform to inform people whether it’s through his music or discussions on social media. Then he gave his closing statement before dropping the mic: