10 December 2016

Food you should definitely try when travelling

If there's one lesson that we can take away from watching Africa On A Plate it's the fact that the Kenyan proverb "He who has never travelled, thinks that his mother is the only good cook" is definitely onto something.  This list is for all those who love travelling and letting their taste buds explore the world along with them and if you can't travel, then at least let your taste buds do it for you by exposing yourself to international foods.

Chicken Yassa – Senegal
Hicken marinated in lemon + onion + Dijon mustard + ginger and served with rice

Panany Curry – Thailand
Coconut cream based Thai curry + peanut flavor + red peppers served with either

Poke – Hawaii
Tuna + soy sauce + sesame oil + salt + chilli peppers + sweet onion + limu seaweed

Mahaberawi – Ethiopia
Flatbread made from Teff grain and is usually served with roasted meat, spice curries and a mixture of raw and cooked vegetables.

Alloco – Ivory Coast
Plantain snack + chilli peppers + onion + egg + tomato sauce

Bobotie – South Africa
Spicy curried minced meat/mutton/pork + fruits + egg base

Brik – Tunisia
Egg + pastry + chopped onion + tuna fish + harissa + anchovies +chicken + cheese + capers

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