05 December 2016

African beauty through my eyes: photo-series

What makes Africa beautiful? We'd like to find out, so we’ve teamed up with Joburg-based photographer Tali Luvhengo for our first of many upcoming photo series so he tells us - through images - what african beauty means to him.
Tali has a flair for wedding photography. His first encounter with the lens, however, was in 2012 as a landscape photographer. He later developed a love for wedding photography. Through his work, he has honed a special ability to make his photographic subjects look and feel beautiful in front of the camera.
Famous for his creativity and use of lighting, he not only has the ability to capture natural magic on a wedding day but he makes magic of his own through his interactions with people. He has a gift for capturing raw emotions through his photography, whether he is shooting a wedding, engagement or family.
Over the years, Tali has been able to reinvent himself and create a distinctive style each time he shoots. Fortunately for him, his quirky and compassionate nature helps create powerful storytelling images which anybody envious and blown away.
We'll be having a look at some of those images through our photo-series: 'African beauty through my eyes'. Stay tuned!