22 March 2017

Riky Rick not the only unhappy artist under a record label

More SA musicians go independent

A number of musicians has been leaving their record labels to start their own, citing lack of growth and mishandling of money.

The recent artist to drop his record label is Riky Rick (real name Rikhado Makhado). Riky caused a stir on social media when he  announced that he is no longer a part of Mabala Noise. The "Sidlu'Kotini" hit maker explains his decision for walking away saying that he cannot sell his soul and that "they have threatened his future and of his family".  Mabala Noise has since distanced itself from Riky's Twitter rant saying that they have a standing contract with the rapper.

Riky Rick is not the only artist who has express disappointment when it comes to their recording company.

Here are the few artists who have recently called it quits and started their own independent record labels.

Fifi Cooper (Refilwe Mooketsi)

Rapper Fifi Cooper together with B3nchmarQ and A-Reece recently left their label, Ambitiouz, amidst claims of money and contract disputes. The three artists are currently in a tug of war with the label with allegations that the Ambitiouz want the artists' music not to be played on the radio stations.

When Fifi Cooper announced her departure from the stable through social media she also let out that she has decided to artist her own label.

"I've decided to push Fifi Cooper under under fificooper's Record Label MòCooper Records. I've learned I'm ready and it's TIME!!!!" Fifi said.

Zahara (Bulelwa Mkutukana)

Multi-award winner Zahara has recently revealed that she left TS Records a few months ago after being with them for six years. The 'Imali' singer reportedly said she left the label amicable and will still work with them whenever needed.
Zahara started her own label last year Zahara Army. She will own release music under her label and she is in talks with Universal Records in London to take her music abroad.

Moozlie (Nomuzi Mabena)

Moozlie left CashTime Life last year after being with them for two years. The news of her departure from the recording label was revealed by the Cashtime management saying they "no longer share the same vision as Nomuzi and elected to release her."
Soon after leaving CashTime, Nomuzi started her own company, Nomuzi Mabena Music and has successfully released a single titled "Recipe".

Toya Delazy (Latoya Nontokozo Buthelezi)

Last year Toya Delazy announced that she has left Sony Music, she said what prompted her to leave the label was the fact that she felt stagnant as an artist.

"Sony was great but I was limited. I wanted my presence to be felt worldwide, pursue the rest of Africa and the world and I couldn't do that while I was there," she told BET Africa at that time.

Since under her own label, Delazy Entertainment, Toya has been living in the UK, touring Europe, and dropped a hit single titled 'Nu High'.

An independent artist in South Africa who has been successful is Cassper Nyovest (Refiloe Phoolo). Cassper is signed under his own label Family Tree and has seen major success, filling up major venues, collecting awards and signing million-rand deals with certain brands.

Do you think dropping labels and going independent is the way to go since sharing music in a digital space has been made easy?

Thulile Gama