12 December 2016

BET Buzz: Sfiso Ncwane was allegedly poisoned

The Fourways life hospital have revealed the prelimianary autopsy results of gospel legend, Sfiso Ncwane. The report states that Sfiso had had poison in his kidneys which explains why the star had been vomiting blood prior to his admission and untimely death.

The leaked report, which was peeped by a LiveMonitor reporterreads "Legal examination determined the time of death, presumably at 9.30 AM,approximately 10 h after ingestion of the suspected meal. Microscopicfindings were as follows: moderate centrolobular liver necrosis withoutinflammatory signs and discrete biliary stasis, significant vascular congestionof the lungs, probably due to acute cardiac insufficiency, significant necrosisfrom all layers of colon mucosa and submucosa alternating with better-preservedzones, and mixed intestinal flora but no evidence of invasive bacteriallesions. Significant lysis of the adrenal glands was also reported. "

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