28 April 2016

BET Buzz exclusive: Amanada du Pont

Gorgeous actress Amanda du Pont sat down with BET Buzz and spoke about her journey and her upcoming projects. She’s a busy girl. In her own words, there ain’t no time to play!”
What’s her ethnicity?
Well, she’s a mixture of Chinese Portuguese, French and Swazi. Would you guess that she’s a farm girl from Swaziland?
If we paid her a surprise visit, would we ever catch her in the kitchen?
Yes, you may not be able to guess, but Ms. du Pont says she can even cook pap.
What’s she up to when she’s not on screen?
She's quite the balanced girl. Most of her time is spent working out, working and reading the Bible.
Why is she such a health freak?
She decided to take her health matters into her hands because she was epileptic, which meant managing seizures and having limited independence such as the inability of driving on her own.
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