25 May 2017

Trevor Noah gets thumbs up from Bill Gates

While Africa celebrates its literature during Africa month, Bill Gates has praised Trevor Noah's book, "Born A Crime"

Comedian Trevor Noah's book, "Born A Crime" has received a thumbs up from wealthy philanthropist Bill Gates.

Gates also spoke fondly of Trevor and his work at "The Daily Show".His review of Trevor's book was written for Times.com and he writes about how the comedian pens down the saddest parts of his life with humour, praising Trevor's mother as the real hero of the book.

"Much of Noah's story of growing up in South Africa is tragic. His Swiss father moves away. His family is desperately poor. He's arrested. And in the most shocking moment, his mother is shot by his stepfather. Yet in Noah's hands, these moving stories are told in a way that will often leave you laughing. His skill for comedy is clearly inherited from his mother. Even after she's shot in the face, and miraculously survives, she tells her son from her hospital bed to look at the bright side. 'Now you're officially the best-looking person in the family,' she jokes," writes Bill Gates.
Africa also celebrates authors such as Chinua Achebe and Zakes Mda who paved the way and made it 'cool' for the younger generations to pursue writing as a career.
Africa Day is celebrated annually on 25 May within the African continent to mark the formation of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) on 25 May 1963 and the African Union (AU) in 2002, as well as chart the progress made by the continent since then to advance democracy, peace, stability and socio-economic development.

Thulile Gama