12 April 2017

It's Caraoke Showdown o'clock!

BET fans, we are about to take you back to the days of karaoke and jukeboxes with our new show Caraoke Showdown. Memorise your entire iTunes playlist, you are going to need it for this one.

Caraoke Showdown - presented by host Craig Robinson takes its guests on a karaoke journey! 

The format is simple:  Unsuspecting guests are picked up in a van in Las Vegas. This looks like a normal van but instead of having a regular driver they soon realise that it is driven by none other than Craig Robinson. Inside the van, guests get a  chance to play karaoke-style games for cash prizes while they ride.

What's in it for them, you ask? The two winning teams move on to the final round, where they sing karaoke songs to a crowd who votes for the ultimate winner. The prize is a whopping $5,000!

In an interview, Robinson said, the most fun he had had on the show was when he surprised passengers. You will remember Robinson for his role in the Office, although this is something he likes to downplay.

As the contestants ride in the van, Robinson takes this time to show-off his own singing skills - talk about a host who is totally immersed in the show.

When asked by the New York Post, Robinson said, the show is fun because the singers in the car are definitely not professional. "It goes from painful, like, What have I got myself into.? to people actually having fun with it."

As someone watching this show from home. You can look forward to contestants singing lyrics, guessing songs, blank stares and laughter!

Sounds like something you would like to see?  Tune into BET Africa this Wednesday at 21:30 CAT and get ready to belt out all your favourite Karaoke jams.

Miliswa Sitshwele