21 June 2016

BET Awards: DJ Black Coffee is rooting for Wizkid

Black Coffee has recently been awarded an International Achievement Award at the SAMAs for proudly flying the SA flag. He says he ‘d always imagined himself among the biggest stars of the world, “One of the things I dreamt about when I was young was to be friends with Michael Jackson. I always wanted to take SA to the world and be known internationally. I had mapped down my dream since the beginning and I’ve been working towards them.”
Black Coffee said being nominated for the BET Award is a reminder of the hard work he has put in building his career. He also praised the BET Awards for being a platform that doesn’t only promote African artists but is also involved with the entertainers.
Black Coffee is nominated with two other South African acts, AKA and Cassper Nyovest but he said he would rather see the award goes to the Nigerian star Wizkid, “I would like to see Wizkid take it. He’s worked hard! I really think he deserves it. He’s also done well internationally being featured on Drake’s album and working with Chris Brown.”
The 40-year-old DJ said he has no intentions of retiring, as he still has so much to do with his music, “I won’t retire, I’ll probably change the way I work when the time comes, travel less, but I don’t think I’ll ever retire,” he said.
The DJ said one of the things he likes to do with his music and his life is to inspire other people, “I want people to know that it is possible to succeed with any background. All they need to do is to be fearless and work hard towards their goals. I want to inspire beyond music,” he says.
He said if he walks away with the award he will hit The Sound, which is one of the clubs in LA that has become his home.
Thulile Gama