18 May 2016

DJ Tokzen’s CD launch, an epic fail or a lesson learned?

What was supposed to be the biggest CD launch in the world turned out to be the biggest fail when DJ Tokzen booked the FNB stadium this past Saturday for his CD launch. The stadium accommodates over 90 000 people but a small crowd of about 50 people showed up on Saturday, however DJ Tokzen says he has already picked himself up and is doing what needs to be done.
His line-up included the likes of DJ Ganyani, Emtee, Bucie and others who had to cancel due to the poor turnout. Speaking to BET, DJ Tokzen says the biggest cause for his event’s failure was the weather and the lack of support from radio stations. “We all know the weather was bad on Saturday... I’m not saying the event was going to be great but it was going to be much better than what it was.”
He then pointed out that he wasn’t aiming to #FillUpTheStadium but to launch his album Mmthi Selection 7 and give people a central venue. “I wanted at least 15 000 people but not to fill the stadium, I knew if 15 000 people came, it was going to be the biggest launch because no one has ever launched a CD at a stadium.”
When asked if the event was successfully promoted he said, “We did 80% of the promotion and we were hoping that the radio stations would help us with the 20% but they didn’t. Because of the magnitude of the venue we needed more from radio stations.”
Tokzen also says that what he has learned about SA media is that, “it is ready to jump in support of what is negative but could not support something that is unique, which was my biggest CD launch.” He didn’t want to talk about the amount of money that he lost planning the event but said there is still time to make more. “It cost me a lot of money but money comes and goes in life. Yes a lot of money went down the drain but there is no use crying over it now,” he said.
DK Tokzen said he will soon be embarking on a nation-wide tour to promote his album.