29 August 2017

Davido, Olamide and 9ice songs not banned by Nigerian government

Earlier this week, news broke that the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) of Nigeria had banned some popular Nigerian songs from being played on radio and TV.
According to the reports, the regulatory body banned the five songs by major Nigerian musicians Davido, Olamide and 9ice for being offensive for broadcast.
The songs reported to have been banned are 'Fall' and 'If (Remix)' by Davido, 'Wo' and 'Wavy Level' by Olamide and 'Living Things' by 9ice.
One of the reports alleged that Olamide's 'Wo' violated the Tobacco Control Act and quoted a source as saying, "This is our position: the video contravenes the Act. Innocently or otherwise, Tobacco promotion advertising sponsorship is banned in all forms," and that, the song was unfit for airplay because of its "obscenity, being indecent, vulgar language, lewd and profane expressions."
Nigeria's Ministry of Health in June this year launched a campaign to ban smoking in public places.
The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) clarifying the reports has denied banning the five songs.
Mr Antia Ekanem, Director of Media of the NBC told Nigeria's Vanguard that the reports were false and are the handiwork of some mischievous persons.
''If you look at the story very well, you will see NBC described as Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation, whereas we are National Broadcasting Commission. We saw it and ignored it because it did not originate from us. I even contacted the Director General of NBC and he said I should try and make our colleagues understand that the story did not originate from us. As far as I am concerned, we have more important issue at hand to handle than all these distractions,'' he said.
Story by Ernest Dela Aglanu