23 November 2016

D’Banj remains Focused

Nigerian singer D’banj has dropped new music despite lawsuit threats which he’s been silent about. According to a Nigerian publication he’s being sued after allegedly failing to pay back a N100million loan that he took from an investment company in 2012.
He took to social media to refute the allegations

I'm just going to leave this here: The silence of a Lion is never weakness!

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When asked about it on SoundCity 98.5, D’Banj said he won’t comment on the matter since it is currently in court. The alleged case is due for a hearing on December 9, 2016. "We did not borrow any money. The instigator of this is trying to eat his cake and have it," he said.
Meanwhile, D’Banj has been forced to postpone his anticipated UK tour because the organisers couldn’t secure his work permit in time. He’s turned his luck around by letting fans know that he’s now focused but releasing a song call- you guessed it- Focus

A tiger must never lose sleep over the utterance of a sheep. The worst thing than being talked about is not to be talked about at all. Anyways, enough of all the Hullabaloo! Ladies and Gents just #Focus (download link in my bio) Osshee!

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