08 August 2016

Diamond Platnumz’s wife gets jealous of his busy life

Award-winning Tanzanian singer Diamond Platinum has revealed that his wife, Zarinah Hassan gets jealous of his female fans. Diamond secretly wed Zari, who is almost ten years older than him last year in April and their daughter Princess Tifah was born four months later.
Quoted by Vanguard, Diamond admitted during a recent TV interview that his wife gets super jealous and calls him up to 50 times. “Whenever I’m shooting videos, she’s not always there, but she would call me up to 50 times. When I eventually show her the video, and she watches some scenes where I’m frolicking with women, she asks me why I did that. But I make her understand that I’m a musician, that’s part of my job.” Diamond says.
He continued to add, “There was a time I was in Europe for a tour, and I tweeted ‘Where my ladies at?’ She took offence to that and said why I was asking for the ladies, that do I want them to come and meet me. I told her it means nothing, and it’s only part of our artistic language.”
Diamond also made the 2016 100 Most Influential Youth in Africa list, which was recently released by the Africa Youth Awards, honouring young achievers from 27 African countries.
Thulile Gama