02 March 2018

Dr. Tumi Announces Gathering of Worshippers 2018

In a remarkable display of history, D. Tumi became the first local gospel musician to completely sell out The Dome in his first Gathering of Worshippers concert held in 2017. In true form, Dr Tumi only has bigger plansfor Gathering of Worshippers 2018, which has finally been announced.

GOW18 is set to take place on 1 September, 2018 on SpringDay – a quintessential day to celebrate the start of a new season and theconcept of rebirth. As a further accentuation of the day of renewal, the themefor this year’s GOW18 will be titled ‘Beauty for Ashes’, bringing us a festivalof live colours and spiritual music to be recorded for the GOW18 Beauty forAshes DVD.

If this announcement wasn’t already exciting enough, GOW18will be held at Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria – a venue historically linkedto South Africa’s painful past under Apartheid. This move will make Dr. Tumithe first black gospel singer to hold an event at the monument, making thismoment pivotal as the country attempts to move toward the demolition of prejudicein its communities. With the capacity to hold 30,000 guests, the monument willbecome an oasis of worship, music and colour that transcends culture; moving thehearts and spirits of attendees under the stars from 16:00 onwards.

GOW18 will not only become a utopia that embraces love,praise and worship, but will play its role as the driver of harmony through music. Expect Dr. Tumi’s unwavering splendor from last year’s concert multiplied, and to be moved beyond measure if it will be your first time attending Gathering of Worshippers this year.

If you want to revel in last year’s highlights, theGathering of Worshippers DVD will be on sale from Friday 9 March, 2018 andticket sale details for this year’s event are to be released soon.

In the meantime, you can soak in the excitement of yet another extraordinary day lead by Dr. Tumi, full of surprises and the soul of worship.