11 April 2017

Help one person at a time - #EuphonikRAK

DJ Euphonik reaches out to help a person suffering from drug addiction

DJ Euphonik has started a journey to help a person fight drug addiction through his initiative called Euphonik's Random Act of Kindness.

The popular DJ says he is not doing this for hype but it is his own way of giving back and helping where he can.

On Monday Euphonik made a plea on social media asking if anybody knows a person who needs help in fighting drug addiction and in this project he has teamed up with Changes Rehab Centre.

"I know there are many people with such a problem in our country and I'm not doing this with a mind of saving the whole country but just one person. It is just what I decided to do in trying to land a hand in fixing a huge problem in our society," Euphonik told BET Africa on Tuesday.

In his previous acts of kindness, Euphonik (real name Themba Nkosi) has bought a wheelchair for a young girl in Mamelodi, Pretoria. And he also threw a party for boys at a children's home in Hillbrow, Johannesburg giving them goodie packs containing sneakers, caps his CDs and other cool stuff.

 "About the girl that I helped with a wheelchair, I actually read about her and a friend of mine told me that what people don't know is that each person needs a customised wheelchair, you don't just buy a regular wheelchair for everyone and that touched me and that's how I ended up helping her," he told BET Africa.

"The children's home in Hillbrow another acquaintance of mine made me aware of it and I decided to do something nice for the young men living at that home," he said.

The sole aim of #EuphonikRAK is to change lives one person at a time. He said there is no time constraint for this initiative, whenever he sees someone who needs help and it touches his heart he will assist.

Thulile Gama