17 August 2016

Euphonik ready to explore Africa

DJ Euphonik is all set for his Euphonik Africa Tour which kicks off in Nairobi this Saturday. Euphonik says that he is excited and will take this as an educational experience as it will be his first time visiting some countries.
Euphonik has built a name for himself and is ready to expand his brand in Africa, “Africa is where it’s at at the moment and it’s a good time to showcase my music to the rest of the continent and focus on building new relationships with musicians from across the continent” he says.
“I don’t even know if I have many fans that side, it’s all new for me so I’m just going to explore. I don’t want to depend on social media feedback because social media is a liar. I’m just planning to find out everything when I get there.” Euphonik adds.
Euphonik says that he doesn’t plan on collaborating with any artists but rather to form relationships first.
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If you haven't heard, my African Tour kicks off soon. Check out the dates and come party with me! #EuphonikAfricanTour 🌍

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