25 February 2016

Interesting Facts About The Top Actor Africa S2 contestants

Top Actor Africa is packing heat and the contestants are even hotter this season. Here are some interesting facts about them:
1. Ifeanyi Dike (Nigeria) He qualified to study Medicine at just 15. The 22-year-old put his medical profession on hold to pursue his chances on Top Actor. Do you think it worth it?
2. Uriel (Nigeria) She’s suffered from extreme dyslexia all her life, faced her life-long challenge and fear of reading and memorization. Not only did she audition, but she was made the cut and was placed in an environment where she had to rely on reading and memorization daily
3. Shamilla (SA) As beautiful and confident as Shamilla seems, she has some inner struggles due to being on her own at an early age, raising and providing for herself. Is she tough through and through or is it just a mask she is wearing?
4. Alex (Kenyan) The seemingly strong, serious and tough alpha male is actually the funniest member of the cast, and he doesn't even know why.
5. Farrell (KZN) Farrell is actually a theatre trained thespian. Though he exudes confidence on the surface, he battles with his greatest rival of all on the show himself
6. Hendrick (SA) He’s the misunderstood one. Everyone thinks he's strange, but Hendrick has the biggest heart of all and only wants to make friends, which he hasn't had the opportunity of having in life.
7. Simhle (SA) She struggles with her sex appeal and beauty, which always seems to get in the room before she does. People see that first before seeing who she is. Apart from being the bubbly personality she is, she plays hockey.
8. Jesse (SA) This alpha male gets his ‘macho man’ status out to the ultimate test on the show. He is also a double threat because he also has rapping skills up his sleeves
9. Marilyn (SA) She was out for blood and making friends was the last thing on her mind. While everyone is trying to become friends and family, she’s the only one that understood from day one that this is a competition and all of the other cast members are her competitors
Top Actor Africa premieres on Tuesday 1 March at 19:30 CAT. Who will make the cut?