07 June 2017

Are you a feminist who suffers from internalised misogyny?

What's the difference between patriarchy princesses and pseudo-feminists? Well, not much, apart from the latter thinking their high horse exempts them from any criticism.
Here's a quick crash-course on what feminism is and why it is necessary. Feminist Writer and Editor, Marie Shear defined feminism as "the radical notion that women are people." And human beings, to my understanding, have the right to free will. Correct?
Well, not according to pseudo-feminists.
Pseudo-feminists believe the likes of Beyoncé, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, et al. "can't possibly be feminists. Instead, they are money-hungry vixens who have no qualms objectifying their bodies for the pleasure of men". Because, these women are obviously incapable of unapologetically owning their sexuality without it being for patriarchal gain, smh.
This kind of thinking is problematic; more so because it diverts attention away from the real enemy: patriarchy. And in all honesty, we don't need detractors trying to derail us from the progressive agenda, chief.

At the end of the day, if you are a feminist, it means you realise a real need for women to be treated equally to men. It means you recognise that the crux of feminism is as much choice, as it is equality. The choice for all women to dress however the hell they want, say whatever they want, become whoever they want, and to do whoever they want.
It also means accepting that your feminist ideology may also be a tad flawed. For instance, I like to consider myself a feminist (partly because it's a cooler title than "millennial"), despite occasionally finding myself gyrating to Burna Boy's 'Soke' somewhere in Braam. Or how I'm able to sing along to the most disgustingly obscene Hip-Hop lyrics, word-for-word, without flinching (I'll make that *peach emoji* pop for a real n*gga anytime, dzaddy! Yassssss!)
A woman not subscribing to your brand of feminism does not make her less of a feminist (insert Kendrick Lamar's 'Humble' hook here). Embrace the feminist movement in its entirety; whether you secretly disagree with some of its elements, or nah.
Have you ever been policed? Share your thoughts.

​Paballo Molahlehi