11 May 2016

Flavour shut down dating Chidinma rumours

Nigerian singer Flavour has dismissed the rumours that he is bae’d up with Chidinma. The two sparked rumours after their duet performance for ‘Ololufe’ when they shut it down with kiss. In his recent interview with Soundcity TV, Flavour spoke about his latest album ‘Thankful’ and also shut down the rumours.
The ‘Ada Ada’ singer said his relationship with Chidinma is simple platonic, "Chidinma is just my friend. Our strong vibe comes from how deep we feel about music," he said (hmm..).
Speaking about the kiss, he said: "We were making a love song and we just tried to make it look real, we are not the first people. Over there in America we see Drake, Nicki Minaj and go [dancing sensually] on stage, doing all kinds of crazy stuff. Believe whatever you wanna believe but are they getting the job done? Are you feeling it? That’s the most important thing.
He said ‘Ololufe’ is a love song and they wanted people to connect with the song and from the people’s reaction they achieved their goal.
“It’s not about the kissing. People felt the song, they felt the togetherness, they were swept away by our delivery, by our actions, by how we expressed and by how we interpreted the song. It was so original and that’s why people [kept] thinking [that] there’s something going on. For real I’m telling you, there’s nothing going on. We are just good friends. I respect her and she’s a nice person to work with.”
Story By: Thulile Gama