31 May 2016

HHP slams disrespectful young rappers

Rapper HHP has slammed young rappers saying that they’re disrespectful and sing about the same old things. In a recent interview with The African Hip-Hop, HHP says he has is fed up with disrespectful youngsters.
He criticised their lyrical content saying they sing about the same old things, “I hate their content. “How many times are we going to hear about b****s? For real, at first it was cute but you just talk about the same s**t, b***s, champagne and cars that we all know you can’t afford! What is this all about? I hate that” he said in the video.
HHP says that young rappers should have respect, "These youngsters are so disrespectful, I don't care how many endorsement deals you have," he also continued that he’s made a lot of millions in his career but will never say he's better than someone whose music he grew up listening to, just because their career went under.
“I’m not about that beef s**t, next time someone says something about me kea go m**ra (I will beat you up)... I’m not about that Cassper/AKA nonsense.”
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Story By: Thulile Gama