29 June 2018

In Contempt BET US sees Gwen fight social injustice while retaining love.

In Contempt is an original BET series starring Erica Ash as Gwen, who plays a fierce public defender. She finds her way through tackling the injustices within the American justice system as a legal aid attorney in New York City. At every turn, she’s passionate and ferocious in her approach towards her work, but Tracy (played by Megan Hutchings) her roommate and fellow attorney, often brings her back to the present by allowing her to be vulnerable when it is most necessary. She also has an off and on connection with Charlie Riggs, another attorney, played by Christian Keyes; who we have had to pleasure to see regularly on BET screens previously on shows including Saints &Sinners.

In Contempt sifts through various cases that bear a primary focus on the trials that black citizens face within the US legal system, and the show opens a door for audiences to enter into the lives of the attorney’s difficult task of separating personal experience, love and work.

You can catch In Contempt every Monday at 21:30 CAT during our Drama Mondays slot on BET DStv ch. 129.