19 August 2016

JSomething pays tribute to Hugh Masekela

Micasa's JSomething turned a challenge around and paid tribute to musical legend Hugh Masekela. The musicians were given a challenge to create a song which pays tribute to the beauty of the South African landscape in less than 48 hours as part of the Mercedes Benz #EveryTerrain challenge. The challenge is usually given to local stars across SA and exposes the beauty of collaboration.
While driving around at the south coast of the country in Tsitsikamma, Hugh Masekela started telling JSomething about his life when he had to leave this beautiful country back in the days and how excited he was when he finally had to come back home. After listening to Hugh’s story JSomething was inspired to write a song called ‘Heaven In You’ which does not only speak of the beauty of SA but pays tribute to Masekela.
“It's a new day and I have something really legendary to share with you. While on the ‪#‎EveryTerrain‬ challenge I got to spend some time with the legend Hugh Masekela and this journey sparked my creativity ... We came up with a song called Heaven In You which is my love letter from Bra Hugh to South Africa,” J’Something said.
Thulile Gama