25 May 2016

Jesse takes home the Top Actor title

The Top Actor Africa journey has come to an end and Jesse Suntele from South Africa has been crowned the ultimate winner at the grand finale which took place last night.Jesse, 23, beat fellow contestants Shamilla Miller from South Africa and Alex Khayo from Kenya.
The overwhelmed actor was handed a cheque for $10 000, a 12-month contract with international talent agency J. Pervis Talent Agency, and access to Hollywood auditions.
Formally trained as a sound engineer, Jesse discovered a love of acting during his participation in numerous school plays. After landing the very first professional audition, he realised that he actually had a genuine talent for acting. Jesse subsequently went on to act in numerous commercials and has appeared on South African drama series “Ashes to Ashes”.
The excited winner had this to share, “I am lost for words, it literally hasn't sunk in yet. I'm overjoyed, but at the same time I'm not sure what just happened. My mind is in three places at once - where I was when I started in this career, what my next move is towards my future and what I am feeling right now. But I'm extremely proud of myself and of the other finalists, Shamilla and Alex. Those two will never know how much they pushed me and played a part in how hard I had to work for this. They won't ever know the impact they've made in my life and I'm grateful to have met them and I'm honoured to be an actor alongside them!”
The show’s producer Samad Davis h, “There are no losers here. I am super-proud of Alex and Shamilla for making the voting process so difficult for the judges and voting public, which only speaks to their talent as actors.”
Shamilla Miller added, “I am incredibly happy for Jesse! I have said in every interview that if I don’t win, Jesse should win. Not winning the overall prize doesn’t mean I have not won as I have made to the end of this unbelievable platform. It’s all the way up from here on.”
Alex Khayo commented, “I am proud of Jesse and know he’s going to do a great job of representing Africa to the world. God be with you in your ventures. I am happy to have been a part of this amazing journey, where I have learned so much.”