31 August 2017

An exclusive Business, Fun and Leisure Festival to be hosted at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden on 24th September 2017.

The much anticipated JoziTese Festival will finally be launched at Ballerz In Mellville on 31st August 2017. This exclusive Festival is aimed at showcasing Businesses and affording a networking platform to Brands and Services.
The name "TESE" originates from Shona meaning "TOGETHER". JoziTese festival in its inaugural year will be presenting an opportunity to people from all walks of life to interact about business whilst having fun and leisure. On the day of the festival there will be Food Stalls, Massage Parlors, Hotels, Fashion Shows, Car Manufacturers, Property (Estate Agents), Sport shops, Cellular Networks Providers exhibiting
There will also be beverages i.e. Whisky, Wine, Champagne being showcased and the spirits will also be sold to revelers in the venue. As the event pride itself on being for family there will also be a Monitored Kiddies play Area with games to keep young ones entertained plus music on stage to spice up the occasion which will go hand in hand with the day which falls under Heritage Day.
In making sure the event is a success, JoziTese Festival has partnered with notable brands which at the moment we can't reveal until at the launch
"Everyone has been looking forward to this launch and it's officially happening. The festival is already attracting partners and the response has been great. While selecting the venue for this festival, we considered a location with tranquility, away from the city. That has indigenous plants, picnic in the gardens, beautiful Mountain View and a magnificent waterfall, hence, "the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens" adds Festival Director.
The event has the blessings of the Tourism Department, which will have countries from the African continent and abroad showcasing their offerings through different embassies and corporates will also be focusing on broadening their brand awareness.
The event will be held at the 300 hectare Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens, which is an iconic wonder destination in the Gauteng Province. The venue accommodates a crowd of about 5 000

You can get more of JoziTese Festival on the their site, visit www.jozitestefestival.co.za or @jozitesefestival on instagram, JoziTese Festival on Facebook and #jozitese on twitter