30 May 2016

Jub Jub stabbed in jail

SA rapper Molemo “Jub Jub” Maarohanye was stabbed in an alleged altercation in prison on Sunday. Jub Jub is serving a 15-year sentence for crashing his car into a group of school kids, killing four and leaving the remaining two severely brain damaged, in 2010.
According to reports, Jub Jub was stabbed and assaulted after an argument with another inmate broke out during a soccer tournament took place inside the prison. A source told Move! Magazine that the fight erupted after Jub Jub asked for his parcel that he had asked a fellow inmate to hold for him while he was busy.
"They started shoving each other and later fists flew. In the process, Jub Jub was stabbed with a handmade knife. He was stabbed on his stomach and thighs," the insider explained. "He was nearly slaughtered," the insider continued.
Another source added, "Shots were fired [by the wardens] and all the prisoners (laid) on the ground, with their hands over their heads. It was scary as most of us were thinking that we would be shot."
Jub Jub was allegedly rushed to hospital after the incident and once he recovers, he will be moved to solitary confinement. The Department of Correctional Services spokesperson, Ofentse Morwane denies the claims, saying the rapper has not been stabbed and was not recently involved in any fight.
Story By: Thulile Gama