23 October 2017

Nigeria rapper M.I sues American rapper, Nas

Nigerian rapper M.I and Chocolate City, his record label, have sued American hiphop star Nas for breach of contract.
M.I, born Jude Abaga, is suing Nas for failing to fulfil his part of a recording contract they entered into in 2013.
The Nigerian rapper filed the lawsuit in the New York Supreme Court and claimed that, he and Chocolate City entered an agreement with Nas and his partner, Ronnie Goodman in 2013 to contribute a verse to M.I's track.
According to suit, Nas, born Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones did not deliver on the contract after $50,000 was paid him and his partner.
In the said agreement, the 'If I Ruled The World' rapper was supposed to say in his verse of the agreed song key words such as "M.I, Chocolate City, Nigeria, Queens, New York—NAS's hometown—, Mandela, Trayvon Martin, and the struggles of Africans and African Americans".
In the lawsuit, Nas was described as "a highly respected lyricist in the music industry" and M.I and his label wanted a verse from him "because of NAS's exceptional talent as a lyric writer". 
The suit noted that, although the American rapper delivered the track, he didn't mention any of words or subject matter the contract stipulated.
Chocolate City and M.I requested that Nas re-records the verse something, they say, he has failed to do for about four years now.
Story by Ernest Dela Aglanu