14 September 2016

Mandoza: “Keep praying, I’m not done yet”

Kwaito artist Mandoza says he’s not in a critical condition and his recent performance at Orlando Stadium can put those rumours to rest. The singer told BET Africa on Tuesday that he may be sick, but he’s not done and the country had to be reminded of his presence.
On Saturday, Mandoza performed at the ‘SABC Thank You’ concert just few days after reports that the cancer he was diagnosed with in 2015 had spread to his brain.
“I had to get on that stage regardless of my situation. I had to set the record straight. Some people were saying that I’m dead and some saying that I’m critical. So for me, more than anything I had to show the people that I’m still alive and they should continue to pray for and not spread rumours,” Mandoza said.
He said he could have cancelled his performance but he needed to show people that there is hope and they should not give up on him.
There were reports saying that he had lost his eye sight. Asked about it, Mandoza said there is some truth in that, but clarified and said, “I can see, but it just gets blurry at times, accompanied by terrible headaches.”
Mandoza’s wife, Mpho asked the nation to continue to pray for her husband and said the strong medication that he is taking makes him sleep a lot. The ‘Godoba’ singer is battling with brain cancer and he will be going for chemotherapy later this month.
Mandoza changed the kwaito scene in South Africa when he became the first kwaito musician to receive airplay on “white radio stations”. With his hit song ‘Nkalakatha’, Mandoza blurred the racial lines and became known for making both black and white people dance to the same tune.
Thulile Gama