12 April 2017

Martel B – “Feel Alright”

Martel B reminds us that carefree love still exists in his brand new music video "Feel Alright"

Nigerian R&B and Afro-pop singer Martel B has released a brand new music video for his single "Feel Alright".

Martel B, real name Gbenga Odusina, was born and raised in Nigeria but currently resides in London. His "Feel Alright" single is a follow up to his 2014 debut EP 'Limited Edition'.

Martel B has gained popularity over the years, for previous singles such as "Badda Dan Dem (Remix)" featuring Mr. Bigz, Frisco and Young Spray, and "Take You Home".

The music video directed by Kevin Hudson brings the record further to life, with its storytelling portrayal of carefree black love between Martel B and his leading lady.

Speaking to BET Africa about his music video, Martel B said it tells a story of love and how it makes everything feels alright after life's stressful moments.

"The song is about carefree love, and the video especially explores how relationships typically go through day to day stresses and disputes, but how we always have each other to make us feel alright in the end. The emphasis is also on how a woman can make a man loyal if he cares about her. In this day and age, I wanted to make it clear that carefree love and being loyal to each other is still possible, and that was also portrayed in the video," he told BET Africa.

Check the music video below:
Thulile Gama