20 March 2017

Nasty C manager ,“No animosity between Nasty C and Dr Malinga”

It has been drama after drama for artists under Mabala Noise ever since the allegations that the record label bought Metro FM Music Awards for their artists.

A few of Mabala Noise artists walked away happy on the night of the awards but the dark cloud has been over their heads with rumours that they were not so deserving of the accolades.

Rapper Nasty C has been dragged to social media after winning the Song of The Year. Many have voiced their opinions saying although the young rapper is talented he did not deserve the Song of The Year title.

Singer Dr Malinga who was competing in the same category with Nasty C took to Twitter and wrote
This did not sit well with the "Hell Naw" rapper, who clapped back calling Dr Malinga "103-year-old gimmick who wears green pants all the way up to his man boobs".

Nasty C said he works hard and maybe Dr Malinga should do the same before complaining about who should or shouldn't win awards.

Speaking to BET Africa on Thursday, Nasty C's manager Ayanda said everything that needed to be addressed concerning Dr Malinga's tweet towards Nasty C was covered on the video of Nasty C which was widely shared on social media.
"We cannot comment any further on that matter Nasty C addressed everything in that video but there is no animosity between the two singers," Ayanda told BET Africa.
Thulile Gama