13 May 2016

Nicki bites back at her ex

Geez! Nicki brought the boxing gloves out on Meek’s birthday. The Barbs went on a twitter rant calling her ex Safaree out for being a “poor excuse of a man”, this rant came after the Barbs was apparently served with papers stating that Safaree was suing her for the contributions he made in the albums that the Barbs released during their relationship and not only that, hes claiming that the Barbs was emotionally and physically abusive towards him.
Safaree’s been silent about the situation; however his reps have come out saying that he will not be participating in any social media feuds and won’t be commenting on anything regarding the lawsuit. Nicki on the other hand is having none of this silent game, she’s taken to Twitter to share her sentiments
What a burn! There’s more. Safaree is rumoured to be one of the cast members on Love And Hip Hop: Hollywood showcasing his relationship with one of the existing cast members Nikki Mudarris.
Nicki’s rant went on for few more hours but she wrapped it up with a few more tweets warning those who are “greedy” and using Safaree as a testament to what happens to those who are:
Do you think Nicki’s approach to the situation was justified?