25 May 2017

Nigeria to host Africa’s first Cinematography Festival

The film industry in Africa is on the rise and Nigeria is set to play host to the first-ever Africa Cinematography Festival.

The Cinematography Festival of Training, Production enhancement, Workshop Conference, Networking and Technology Expo is a week-long event which will deal with contemporary issues in filmmaking and the general film economy which have impacted on the works of filmmakers, actors, film marketers and other stakeholders.

According to the Project Consultant, Sunnie Odafe, this festival aims to provide a point of convergence for all stakeholders in the film industry.

"The Nigerian film-making industry has made tremendous progress, especially in the last decade. This is however a far cry from what is obtainable in the developed climes. The Africa Cinematography Festival is designed to bridge this gap and make the industry comparatively competitive. It is an all-encompassing attempt to reposition the Africa film economy by promoting and providing support for professionalism and innovations," Odafe said.

The Festival will feature conferences and workshops, exhibitions, open film expo, networking opportunities, film pitching, auditions for film roles, film unveiling and promotion, and film production funding.

Thulile Gama