25 July 2016

Nomuzi Mabena launches her own label

Presenter and rapper Nomuzi Mabena who left Cashtime Life will be launching her own label, Nomuzi Mabena Music. In March, Cashtime said they no longer shared the same vision with Nomuzi, who was popularly known as the Skhanda Queen.
This may have pushed Nomuzi to start her own label where she will be able to live out her own vision. Explaining her exit from Cashtime, Nomuzi told The Plug, that she needed her independence.
“It was just differences in working. I have a particular way in which I want to be managed and because I was such a big media brand and worked on my own for such a long time, I became quite accustomed to it, so I’m not afraid to move on my own at all. I’m not dependent on people much. I’m very head strong; I know what I want, I know where I want to go and if I can get there and empower myself, all the better,” she said.
Nomuzi will also drop a new single titled “Slaughter” under her own label on 10 August. When asked what excites her about the label Nomuzi added, “My independence and really being in control of my own situation is my favourite thing right now. Starting my own label is really just so I can be in control of my own music and ultimately be able to empower other artists at a later stage. I literally went from being just a TV presenter, to being a record label Exec!”
Thulile Gama