07 September 2016

Penny Lebyane does the Toy Run for charity

Kindhearted presenter and mom of two Penny Lebyane showed an amazing turn of speed when she participated in a special charity edition of the Nickelodeon Toy Run at Toys R Us in Boksburg.

Glamourous Penny kicked off her high heels and threw herself into the challenge: with just one minute to race against the clock, she piled her trolley high with toys and goodies. Throwing caution to the winds, Penny manage to grab a huge pile of toys, games and gadgets suitable for kids of all ages including a dinosaur toy, educational books, African baby dolls and black Barbies, construction toys, a volcano-making kit and a chemistry set.
All the toys collected by Penny, totalling ZAR 8000, will go to girls and boys at her nominated charity, the Amazing Grace orphanage in Mpumalanga.
Penny Lebyane commented, "I am very pleased to have won so many toys for the deserving girls and boys at Mpumalanga and I hope it will bring smiles to their faces.  My toy run strategy was pretty simple: to try and get as many relevant toys for as many age groups as I could.  I tried to throw in some educational toys and books too.  I got a dinosaur, a solar system and African baby dolls and black Barbies, as well because it's important for children to see themselves reflected in the toys with which they play."
Check out Penny's amazing run at www.nickelodeonafrica.com and on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/NickelodeonAfrica, or on Twitter @NickAfrica.