15 July 2016

Police raid Diamond Platnumz’s house

Diamond Platnumz’s house was allegedly raided by armed police during his mother’s birthday party. It is said that Diamond has made a habit of hosting loud parties resulting in neighbours lodging several complaints to authorities.
Area chairman, Deodatus Kamugisha says that the raid in Diamondz house occurred after he ignored his warning.
“The other day I was phoned by more than six residents who railed vehemently against loud music that was emanating from the singer’s house during a bash. I summoned him (Diamond Platnumz), but he ignored. I was forced to proceed to Wazo Police Station, where I reported the matter. A few police officers were assigned the duty of restoring normalcy at Diamond Platnumz’s house. The armed officers did splendid work! The law is clear about the music volume one can play at his or her residential place,” said Kamugisha.
Diamond has not said a word about the incident but has been hard in promoting his new video on social media and connecting with his fans.
Thulile Gama