10 August 2017

Gays, lesbians have rights – Rapper M.I tells Nigerians

Nigerian rapper Jude Abaga, known on stage as M.I Abaga, is advocating for the rights of gays and lesbians in the Nigeria to be respected.
To him, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay or lesbian and therefore urged that the country's laws should respect their rights.
Commenting on the issue of gay rights in an interview on Middle Ground, a Nigerian podcast show, the multiple award-winning rapper was of the view that;
"It's not my business what anybody does…what I mean by that is it's my privacy. Everybody has a right to their privacy," he explained.
M.I Abaga noted further that, "If you bring a tape of two men having sex then you can prove [that they are gay] but for the most part, how are you going to prove without fringing on someone's right or privacy [for example] going through their phone. It almost seems to me to be an unenforceable law."
In a very conservative country like Nigeria, just like most African countries, the issue of gay rights is a sensitive one and till date, it is illegal.
His comments generated a heated debate on Twitter.
The rapper further explained on Twitter that, "My thinking.. I was born straight.. I wd never want 2b punished 4 who I am.. because of this.. I wouldn't punish som1 else for who they are."
"Cheating and adultery are wrong.. but they are not criminalized.. and no form of consensual adult expression of love should be.. my opinion. My point is that there should be an allowance for choice in the law.. I'm not advocating changing beliefs.. I am advocating changing law," he added.
Ernest Aglanu Dela