09 August 2016

Riky Rick bites back on R5 mil claims

Rapper, Riky Rick has responded on the claims made by Julius Malema about Mabala Noise, Julius claims that the record label Riky is signed under benefits from government tender and gives each artists signed under them R5 million for joining. Malema spoke at the IEC results centre on Friday, saying that the record label not only pays their artists to join the label but pays them to perform at African National Congress events as well.
Malema said: "The reality of the situation is that this money thing is playing a big role in this election. Yoh! People have spent one billion here on paying artists to do dabbing. But dabbing has fallen now. From Riky Rick, Major League, all of them. Not a single artist registered under Mabala Noise received less than R5 million"
Malema also pointed out that the co-owner of the company, Reggie Nkabinde, is also the Treasurer General of the ANC Youth League, which makes it easy for him to use government money for his other projects.
Riky Rick clapped back at Malema:
On Monday, Mabala Noise also disputed the claims saying it will seek legal action against Malema’s claims, “We are not in the business of disclosing artist's contract. No artist was paid R5mil or any amount. Artists are not shaken by this sideshow. As a business we can’t stand by while they're being reduced to reckless statements,” Mabala Noise added that until they go to court, anyone seeking proof on Malema’s utterances must get it straight from him, “Ours is to protect our artists from him.”
The label is co-owned by DJ Bongz and recently brought Chris Brown to SA. It has also signed artists such as Gigi Laymayne, Nasty C and Major League.
Thulile Gama