16 March 2017

Riky Rick leaves Mabala Noise

Rapper Riky Rick has ended his relationship with his record label Mabala Noise after much speculation since his acceptance speech at the Metro FM Music Awards.

In a stream of tweets the "Sidlu'Kotini" hit maker explains his decision for walking away citing that he cannot sell his soul and that "they have threatened his future and of his family".

Riky Rick joined the controversial record company last year. Many well known artists are part of the stable such as Nasty C, L'Vovo and many others. When he joined the stable all seemed like heaven with rumours that he was given a brand new expensive car and R5m.

Explaining his reason for leaving the rapper said:

Riky Rick received much praise after his MMAs acceptance speech where he called out main stream radio stations for being bias to those who have money.

"I thought I'll be more excited to get this…. Shout out to the kids who don't get their music played on the radio because they don't have enough money…. 90 percent of the sh*t I hear on radio is garbage the real stuff is living on the internet…To all the kids who are trying to make it forget radio go to the internet and let your song pop on the internet," Riky Rick said at the MMAs.

Mabala Noise has not responded to Riky Rick's departure from the label but said they are still in meetings and will release an official statement before the end of the day.
Thulile Gama