17 July 2018

Saints and Sinners is back for a second season

Saints and Sinners is back for a second season on BET Africa, with more drama and mystery as the centre of the show.

We were introduced to the Greater Hope Baptist Church based in Cypress, small town Georgia during the Civil Rights Movement. When evenings were dark and dangerous, the 10 member church became a base where young black people could seek refuge. As the church's influence and membership grew, danger loomed and drew itself closer to the congregation and tight knit community.

Last season saw a murder within the community leave the church in shock and awe; and as the murderer's identity was revealed in the final episode, more twists and turns are set to ignite the second season. The show takes on the risky task of moulding faith and malevolence to create a world that many can relate to when life and personal values work against one another. The cast, which includes Christian Keyes (In Contempt), Vanessa Bell Calloway, and Clifton Powell are a spectacle that effortlessly bring you to the edge of your seat as the thrill ensues.

Saints and Sinners airs on BET Africa, DStv channel 129 every Monday @ 21:30 CAT. Use the hashtag #SaintsandSinners to connect with us on Twitter.