04 April 2017

Mondays are QUAD nights

BET fans, your Monday nights are about to be LIT! We are bringing the black college experience to television with the April 2017 launch of a scripted dramatic series titled "The Quad."

Set in Georgia's Fictional A&M University,  the show takes its viewers through a culture rich world of Dr. Eva Fletcher as she navigates life, relationships, family and university life. 

Dr. Eva played by Anika Rose, is Georgia A&M's first woman president who's brought in to help the University because it's a bit "down and out."

What she discovers as she starts working at this Historically Black University is a life of sex, drugs, race and scandals. Sound exciting?

Here are 7 reasons why you will love this show...

1. This series gives another look at Historically Black Colleges and Universities 

2. Anika Rose stars as Dr. Fletcher. You will remember her for her role in the movie For Coloured Girls

3. The QUAD was created and nurtured by alumni from Historically Black Colleges and Universities

4. In this show, Anika is relatable. She is strong, courageous, flawed and messy.

5. The show deals with sex, drugs, scandal, and race matters. A perfect combination for a TV hit.

6. Ladies, there is eye candy. You need to watch out for one Peyton Alex Smith. Yum :)

7. It is a star-studded show. The weekly drama stars Tony Award-winner Anika Rose ("Dreamgirls") as GAMU ("A Different World"), as professor Ella Grace Caldwell; and Rueben Santiago-Hudson ("The West Wing") as band director Cecil Diamond.
Miliswa Sitshwele