05 April 2016

Top Actor Africa Episode 6: Tickle your funny bone

This week's episode kicks off with a surpriding theme: comedy. South African celebrity power couple “Sans Moonsamy” & “Kerusha Kisten” serve as guest judges and the challenges that they provide test even your fav of the bunch.
Everyone thinks they have a funny bone until its time to call upon it professionally and spontaneously. Finding the Funny is no joke as the contestants will soon find out. Sans and Keru workshop the contestants on improve and comedic timing.
Some of the contestants take comedy to a whole new level and some butcher their delivery. Uriel, Ifeanyi and Farrell find out the hard way that being aggressively loud doesn’t translate into being funny. Get ready for some giggles and hardcore "oh no he didn't" moments tonight @ 19:30 CAT.