08 March 2016

What to expect on Top Actor Africa E2

Last week you saw the tense Top Actor Africa auditions held across Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. We sifted through the fierce talent and the humour to find the 12 deserving contestants. Of those that made the cut, 3 are from Nigeria, 7 from South Africa and 2 from Kenya.
In episode 2, the nervous contestants enter the house and no time is wasted in putting them to the test. Cliques form and personalities come out as contestants eagerly wait to see what comes next. Just as they get comfortable, a surprise music video shoot with a musician they all know and love awaits them. Will they nail their roles?
The cast faces a tough crowd in the quest for immunity during a challenge that requires all senses be alert. Things get so intense that Alex has an emotional breakdown, taking everyone by surprise.
Someone stands a chance to be eliminated at the end of the episode. But WHO is that someone?