27 January 2017

Top South African Fashion Bloggers You Should Be Following

There is a new crop of stylish young people taking the South African blog scene by storm. These girls and boys are always ready to snap their #OOTD’S or tweet a pic from the front row of a Fashion Week. A few of them are even making their skills profitable. Here are five fashion bloggers you should be following:
Siya Beyile

When he isn't slaying in New York showing the overseas crowd that African men can dress well too he is stylishly working on his blog. Founder of the Threaded Man Siya Beyile is one male blogger you should pay attention to. Oh, he is super yummy too.
Lulama Wolf

Lulama showcases her style by dressing well and always keeping it real with her hair. This Woolworths ambassador is not only gorgeous with impeccable taste in fashion but she also has the girl next door look. Her Instagram OOTD's are always done to the tee. It must help to date top photographer Trevor Stuurman as well, homegirls pics are always popping!

Tshepi Vundla's ex-bae is a dish and a half. He is the founder of Show love Events and director of Showlove Music, he's been behind some of hip-hop's biggest events and artists, including AKA, Reason, DJ Fanatic, and DJ C-Live. His fashion game is on point and oh ladies, he cooks too. When he is not rocking the trendiest New Balance sneakers, he is in a tailored suit or living it up on a yacht.
Anelisa Mangcu

Artist, blogger, and queen of cool Anelisa Mangcu has a different take on fashion, particularly African fashion. She was one of the first people who were behind Laduma's Amaxhosa brand. She is bold, unapologetic and embraces her African roots.
According to Jeri

Jeri's blog is a delightful feature of the many fashionable faces of South Africa.
You will love his "According to Jerri Fashion Trends" and "Striking Faces" posts. In the latter, he captures beautiful and interesting faces of people all over SA.
Miliswa Sitshwele