26 May 2016

Toya Delazy is on a Nu High

Singer Toya Delazy is back with a bang and has just launched her new single as an independent artist. Toya, who is currently living in the UK and touring Europe, made a stop in Johannesburg this morning to drop her new single titled ‘Nu High’ under her own label, Delazy Entertainment
The Love is in the Air singer says her new single will take people back to the time when they were young before society defined them. When asked how the single is about she said, “Nu High is about knowing and believing in where you belong. It’s about the times when you were young, innocent and fearless and I believe we sometimes lose that when we grow up and become rigid and Nu High is about fun.”
She said the move to the UK was more about reconnecting with herself and doing some introspection which has proven beneficial to her. “South Africa will always be my home and I will be back every now and again but UK is good to me at the moment. I’m not saying goodbye I’m just expanding,” she said.
Touching on her move from Sony Music, she said what prompted her to leave the label was because she felt stagnant, “Sony was great but I was limited. I wanted my presence to be felt worldwide, pursue the rest of Africa and the world and I couldn’t do that while I was there.”
Toya said she will be collaborating with Hilltop to do an African tour later this year. She is currently putting an album together which will drop in August.
Story By; Thulile Gama