25 May 2016

Trevor Noah speaks out about racism in the US

Comedian Trevor Noah may not be as excited for being black now as he was when he first flew to America. He recently opened up about discrimination in the US saying racism is entrenched in people. While South Africa is also battling its own war on racism which has been widely displayed on social media, Trevor reveals that racism is in actual fact everywhere.
Trevor, who once stated in his show African American that he was delighted about being in the US because for the first time in his life he would have been referred to as black person, as compared to being considered Coloured in SA.
Trevor told the PlayBoy mag, “You cannot run away from being black, doesn’t matter where you are or what you do in life. If you're black in the US, even after two terms of President (Barack) Obama, you still feel black. If you're black, you are constantly black and that blackness is always affecting you in some way or another," Trevor said his experience with racism in New York is not blatant but it comes out in the little things.
"It's often very small things but they pile up. Cab drivers don't pick you up. It happens to me or you go into a corner store and get followed, or people say things about you. It's often not blatant, but it's entrenched," he told the mag.
But he said movements such as #BlackLivesMatter had shown people the influence they can have by being proactive, he closed off by saying, "It has been a fantastic proponent for new conversations about race, which is amazing.”
Story By: Thulile Gama