16 February 2016

All the buzz about Top Actor’s Altovise Lawrence

A fresh and exciting season of Top Actor returns to our screens on 1 March. While we wait anxiously, we caught up with season 1 winner Altovise Lawrence.
Surprisingly, auditioning for Top Actor was nowhere on her plans, but the magnitude of the competition terrified her, so she took a leap of faith and embraced the opportunity. Since clinching the title of Top Actor, which comes with a snazzy R100 000 and an international acting opportunity, she’s also co presents of BET’s daily entertainment show ‘BET Buzz’.
Why Top Actor? Why did you choose to audition?

“I was not interested in auditioning. I sent the post through to my agent and told her to spread the word. Eventually my agent offered to send through my profile and I obliged. I decided that I want to audition because I was scared. The magnitude of the competition terrified me and the thought of winning it numbed me. So, I took a leap of faith.”
How was your experience of Top Actor?

“It was a beautiful surprise. It was a roller coaster ride. It brought me face to face with my dreams and my worst fears.”
What was it like being in the house – are there any rivalries?

“I was in a house with 11 talented individuals all gunning for the prize. As much as we became friends every challenge reminded us that we're all fighting for our dreams. Rivalries are expected as it is the nature of being in a competition.”
What was your favourite challenge?

"Definitely the Horror and Action challenges; they pushed me mentally and physically and I felt myself growing as an actor because of it."
R100 000 cash money! How did you spend it?

"When I received my cash prize I gifted some family members and splurged a bit of it on myself. The rest of the money is in a savings account while I research where I would like to invest it."
Apart from ‘break a leg,’ any final word for aspiring actors?

"Aspiring actors should have a strong sense of self. We can't take rejection to heart and we need to train ourselves how to bounce back. Also, know why you want to do this. If you're for the arts, that's great. But, if you're doing it for the fame, then be about that. Don't sit on the fence because this industry can make you and break you."
What are some of the other doors that Top Actor has managed to open for you?

"Top Actor has prepared me for the industry in all facets. I'm more confident when auditioning and in my approach to acting. It has also opened the door to the international industry for me and allowed me to see and experience things that other people only dream of. What I have experienced thus far has contributed to the foundation for the goals I've set out to achieve, and without Top Actor I know that I wouldn't be where I am right now, exceed my own expectations and worked with my idols. "
You clinched the title of ‘Top Actor’ and went on to co present BET Buzz, how’s that been?

"I'm elated that I was chosen to be a co-host for BET Buzz. It took a while for me to fully embrace it though, as it was a bit daunting, because I was so fixated on only wanting to focus on acting. Once I mentally switched gears, taking on the role of host became easier, and I'm loving it!"