22 January 2018

The Big Secret: Reunion Special

The Big Secret has had an explosive first season. The reality show, hosted by the congenial Khanyi Mbau who becomes the pillar of support to the confessors, helps them come clean to their loved ones about secrets they have been carrying with them.
One can only admit that when the confessors met with their confidantes, the result of their confessions shocked us into watching all 13 unpredictable and often shocking episodes, week after week. If what you saw left you with even more questions than in the beginning of each confessor’s story, we are ecstatic to have a two-part reunion show that might just flesh out everything we’ve been dying to understand.
Part 1 will see us revisiting the stories of Arnold, who is still struggling to cope with an assault he experienced as a child, Mmapaseka, a pastor’s child who had to end her relationship with an older man under the instruction of a church elder. Remember Edmund, who pretended to be gay for his career’s sake and subsequently had a clash with his friend Tshepo? And then we saw Nokwazi, whose dangerous decision has left her reliving traumatic moments, as well as Sibusiso, who had to come forth and reveal his double life.
The second part of the reunion special delves deeper into the frighteningly complicated story of Mataozen and his friend’s girlfriend, Keletso, where we have far more questions than answers. After this episode aired, Mataozen experienced hostility from the public in the way of verbal and physical confrontations. Now, word on the street claims their big secret may have some holes in it. The only question left now is; will we ever know the truth?
You won’t want to miss this fiery 2-part finale of BET’s most revered reality show on Wednesday 24 January from 21:00 CAT.