18 January 2018

Blackish comes to BET Africa

The Johnsons are the epitome of the model black family; Bow (Tracee Ellis Ross) is a successful doctor and her husband Dre (Anthony Anderson) is an advertising executive with a flair for urban culture, and their three children are students at affluent neighbourhood schools.
With both parents as graduates from two of the most prestigious universities in the United States, it’s only inevitable that the upper-middle class couple would want the best for their offspring.
From that description, they seem unbelievably dreamy, right? Well, Dre and Bow are in for an amusing and turbulent journey as they acquaint themselves with the good, bad, ugly and side-splitting reality of the world they’ve created for their family.
The series finds each member of the Johnsons family, as well as Dre’s parents (Laurence Fishburne and Jennifer Lewis) humorously tackling the growing pains and generational shifts that have come with growing up black. Not short on social commentary, Black-ish also addresses racism that the Johnsons face, as well as racism that black people in America in general face.
Black-ish takes you on a laughter filled journey guided by a modern black family in its attempt to strike a balance in a non-black environment like the workplaces, schools and friends the family interact with.
Catch Black-ish on BET Africa, weekdays from Monday, 22 January at 20:30 CAT.